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The Region of Newell is rich with art, music and culture! The landscapes of the Canadian Badlands have been a source of inspiration for songs, poetry, stories, paintings, and more! This region is rich with opportunity to unleash the creative genius and create inspirational works of wonder. 

Experience Pure Re-Newell of Creativity!  

Aboriginal Experiences

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Looking to experience Aboriginal Canadian Art, Culture, and History? Check out all of the information and opportunities by clicking the More Information Bar. More
Art Studios

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Looking to release your creative genius? There are many places in the Region of Newell that are excellent art retreats as well as schools for honing your creative talents. To see a list of all of the art retreats in Newell, please click on the More Information bar. More
Entertainment Groups

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Are you looking for theatre, musical performances, or even concerts? This section is perfect for you! By clicking on the More Information bar, you can see all of the opportunities for entertainment in the Region of Newell! More
Entertainment Venues

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Are you looking for a place to host an event? Are you looking to see what these places are showing? By clicking on the More Information Bar you will have access to all of the Entertainment Venues in Newell. More
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Vote Duchess!

Vote once every day from March 13 until March 27, 2017

Posted by: Village of Duchess

Brooks Music Festival

Festival: March 27-31 Final Concerts: April 4&5 7:00PM Griffin Park Theatre

Posted by: Village of Duchess

Shared Lenten Service

Shared Lenten Service St. Alban's Anglican Church 7:00 p.m.

Posted by: St. Alban's Anglican Church


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